The Best Return on Investments Happen When You Focus on SOR (Speed of Returns)

When you’re looking for the best return on your investments there are many schools of thought. Personally, I’ve gotten the best returns when I’ve focused on SOR (speed of returns). If you make an initial investment of $1,000 you might find that you’ll make $100 over the course of a year. However, if you focus that initial $1,000 in a way that will return your money in a matter of weeks instead of months, you can use your initial return to make more investments. Your returns will continue to compound as you reinvest and you’re in a position to make $1,000s of dollars instead of $100s over the course of a year UFABET.

For example, say you took your initial $1,000 investment and bought a cheap classic car for $700 that could be repaired. After spending your additional $300 of capital on repairs and improvements you can quickly and easily sell that car for at least $1,500. You now have $1,500 to invest in an even better car that will earn you a higher return on that investment.

You also take on a lowered risk of loss if you’re focusing on short term investments as opposed to long term ones. Predicting the potential return of an invest is much easier to do when you can consider current market conditions within the next few weeks as opposed to gambling on how your investment will fare over the course of a year. Focusing on speed of returns is also a great way to keep you motivated as you can see on a weekly basis just how quickly you can earn money on your investments.

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